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Welcome to STAGE FRIGHT Karaoke. It's all about having fun. With us, FUN is rule #1. It is more than just singing. I believe in producing a total entertainment experience. With quality Peavey sound, A light show not often seen with karaoke, over 6000 karaoke songs titles, And entertaining hosts, We produce fun. There are three ways in which a person can participate.



1. First is also the easiest. Pick out a song from the Song Book. Fill out a request slip and bring it up to the stage. You will soon be a Star!
2. With the lighting and atmosphere provided by Stage Fright, The dance floor is always open, and a great place to cut loose or get real close.
3. Performers who do come to the stage may or may not be the best there is. But it took a lot of courage to get up there. Show them how much you appreciate it with your applause. A performer never gets enough of it.

We are party specialists! If you're passing through the Grayling Michigan area, Or you live in this beautiful part of the country, Look me up. Or drop me an E-mail,
kevin@stagefrightkaraoke.com, and I will let you know when and where you can find us. To book Stage Fright for one of your events, Or to get more information about our shows, Type "Booking Request" in the subject line.




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